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Galfari adalah jasa konsultansi manajemen dan juga training pengembangan sumberdaya manusia. Berdiri sejak tahun 25 tahun yang lalu. Dan dalam kiprahnya telah memberikan training dan konsultasi di berbagai perusahaan di seluruh Indonesia.

Semua perusahaan mempunyai permasalahan yang hampir sama. Hanya yang membedakan adalah skalanya. Namun yang paling serius adalah masalah sumber daya manusia. Utamanya adalah masalah motivasi kerja yang berdapampak pada kinerja perusahaan. Memacu SDM untuk terus termotivasi selalu menjadi topik utama disetiap sesi training.

Our work process

While we personalize our plans and its execution according to your business needs, we have predefined steps to approach a new assignment.


Research Projects

In this first phase, we appreciate your business goals and discuss your expectations about your web presence. With extensive research and analysis, we figure out the bigger picture of your market and competition for it on the web. Using all congregated information, we are set to prepare the plan for desired outcomes.


Targeting Analysis

Effective sales involves companies knowing their customer’s wants and needs. A target market analysis is a useful tool for establishing how to reach potential customers. Crafting a target market analysis requires research and detailed study and reporting.


Final Results

The ability to deliver great results is what separates successful consulting companies from those that simply fade away. Delivering results is what you are hired to do. Whether you are a small safety consulting business, with only you and a partner, or a thriving group of financial consultants, delivering results is key to your success.

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